This is the MelMM website. Over time, this website will be populated with information by its owner, Melvin Mitchell. Whether it's examples of his work, or simply descriptions on what he is up to, you can expect to find all such related material here.


Melvin Mitchell's work and projects are spread out within various areas of technology.

This includes the following:

  • Front-end and back-end of web design; which this site is an example of
  • Design and construction of electronic components
  • The developing of full desktop and smartphone GUI applications
  • Design and manufacturing of 3D printed and CNC cut objects
  • The consolidation of all of these technologies into single projects

One of Melvin Mitchell's overall desires is to be able to take a complex, multifaceted project from conception all of the way through its project life cycle, until he has a working implementation. The projects here are both examples of this desire, as well as a means of furthering this skill.


Melvin M. Mitchell is a Navy Veteran, a Computer and Electrical Engineer, a programmer, a web developer, and--above all--someone who is always looking to further his knowledge in the field of technology.



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